Personal Training and Nutrition with Kate

Kate Hill      Tel: 07793 970435

I am a Personal trainer and qualified nutritional therapist (level 4 diploma) with 10 years health and nutrition experience. My career has given me vast experience of weight loss and increasing fitness, managing medical conditions through diet and exercise and health mentoring.

I offer a personal approach to achieving a long term, sustainable lifestyle change that leads to better all round health benefits, rather than short term fixes. These are the kind of changes that make permanent changes that last a life time. I factor in personal lifestyles and families to ensure longevity to the plan because my person experiences of a large family and life stresses have made me understand the importance of resilience through troubled times to ensure success.

I am a great believer that given the correct food plan, exercise plan and enough support anyone can achieve their goals.

Feel fitter, have more energy, less bloated, more positive and more motivated.

  •   Fat burning diet plans
  •   Weight loss
  •   Personalised fitness plans
  •   Health mentoring
  •   Full body analysis monitoring
      (including body fat percentage, muscle mass and water composition)
  •   Medical condition diet plans
  •   Medical condition management (IBS, autoimmune, depression, thyroid, diabetes and many others)

A personal approach to individual needs leading to amazing sustainable long term results.