Easier Studio Cycling with Denise

Denise Watt-Pringle      Tel: 07403 235216      info@wattstudios.uk

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Older but never old!  That’s what I believe…….staying fit, healthy and having fun along the way not only increases longevity, but IMPROVES it!
This class welcomes both males and females of any fitness level.

Having some cardio vascular work, it mainly focuses on strength and resistance training to help increase bone density and muscle mass, both of which decrease dramatically over the age of 30…..yes, that’s not a typo…..I did say 30 years old!!!

Come along on your own or bring a buddy – I’m sure you’ll make some great friends here as it’s a very welcoming place.

After class, why not stay for a cuppa, natter and a giggle in the relaxing refreshment area?  I’ll be on hand to help answer any health questions too or just join in with the chit chat.

To book, just contact Denise (details above)

£5 per session / block of 10 for £45 / Included in the Gold, Bronze and Bronze Plus memberships